Putting our waste prevention vision into practice in Bozcaada!

The much awaited events in Bozcaada are starting as of tomorrow morning. Personally, I am ecstatic about being part of the best organised marathon that I also enjoy the most.

I had previously written about Bozcaada being my most favourite marathon. As a reminder, you can view these articles at these links:



This time though, we are going to Bozcaada with a different purpose. We are initiating one of most exciting and important projects as TIDER along with our Bozcaada Marathon volunteers and supporters. We are going to put into practice our waste prevention vision at the Bozcaada event.

As a reminder, TIDER has two important visions:

1. Waste prevention

2. Help those in need stand on their own feet


I’d also like to share with you the visions we have put into place for waste prevention once again:


We want to apply what we have picturized above throughout the Bozcaada event. We are going to execute this with the help and support from Arkas Turizm, Bozcaada Council, BOZTID (Bozcaada Tourism Agency), Geyikli Council and New Balance.

*For those in need: untouched flour based products, fruits and unopened water bottles and fruit juices will be delivered to those in need via the Geyikl Food Bank.

*For animals: with the help of BOZTID we are in partnership with restaurants in Bozcaada. Leftover foods that can be consumed will be collected from these restaurants and delivered to animal shelters in Bozcaada. Additionally, food and water that can be consumed that are collected from containers and drums will also be re-directed to the Geyikli animal shelter.

*Recycling: plastic and paper products will be sent off to the Bozcaada Council for recycling. Organic waste will also be made ready for composting.

This way, all the things we mentioned above will be executed in a chain cycle.

I also want to enlighten you on another important vision which we will be executing which is to help those in need to stand on their own feet: not only are we providing those in need with the basic necessities, we are also trying to give them jobs so they can join the workforce. Is this enough? Of course not.

We need to do much more to help elevate these families. And we can only do this with the help and solidarity of a CSO. To give you an example, we will help someone with ALS by redirecting them to a ALS-MNH foundation for further assistance. Besides, we already in various partnership negotiations with some CSO’s. We are not only looking at doing this via meeting family needs, but also those of nursing homes by providing the CSO’s support units with food, drink, detergents and hygiene products.

We are planning on spreading our waste prevention and family development model to the whole of Turkey.

Now I’d like to mention a little bit about the TIDER campaign we’d like to promote at the Bozcaada marathon:

Thanks to the Bozcaada event, we are aiming to cover 1 years’ worth of needs of 115 families and to save up to and prevent 30 tonnes of product waste.

In order to remind you again, based on the model we have established, we can produce 70 times* the effect that a donation can make that any individual would normally produce. We call this the TIDER effect. So any step that is taken to support a family, TIDER will increase it by up to 70%

Every 265tl donation made to a family will cover their needs for a whole year, and for those in the family that are fit enough to work will be provided employment which means a huge 256kg of product waste prevention!

We would like to thank in advance all the volunteers and supporters who have shared this excitement with us.

Additionally, we are inviting our CSO friends to share this happiness with us and hope to see them supporting us throughout this time at our stand! Together, we will help cover those in need and help socially develop them.

And another message to our TIDER supporters; we are requesting your support in all the things we are doing. You can do this by simply visiting this link to donate: http://bagis.adimadim.org/?ccid=CC30126

I will relay my observations and experiences from the event in my next article.


Till then, take care…


The announcement made by TIDER at the Bozcaada Event


This is what brotherhooD is about with Adim Adim. The Adim Adim logo formed by all the volunteers


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