On Living 2 - with love to my youth…

Everyone has a good and bad story. How this story is written is determined from a very young age. I had previously relayed my thoughts about the human lifestyle in my article titled “On Living” which I would like to continue in this piece and share with you, song lyrics written by an artist who went to the same high school as me, Nil Karaibrahimgil’s song “With Love to my Youth”.

Yesterday I took my mother out to lunch and at the restaurant, I bumped into a representative from a Swedish firm who I dealt with thanks to TIDER. She was accompanied by one of his closest friend and their child at lunch at the vegetarian restaurant in Etiler. While they were chatting, their children were playing inside the restaurant titled “Bi Nevi Deli” in which I recommend everyone to go to.

My friend’s son Kemal handed over his home made ice-cream to his mother so he can play with his friend to which his mother replied “Let’s not waste this, if you are going to leave this ice-cream, we should put it back in the freezer to eat later”.  This is an important contribution to this child’s personal development. A child’s brain is like a sponge till the age of 10. They will take whatever you give them and everything you give them will stay with them for the rest of their life. It’s very valuable for a child to be advised of “waste” at this age by their mother. I really care about the education of parents and teachers in this country as I have mentioned many times before. In order to raise healthy future generations, we first need to start with the parents and the teachers. I will continue to write articles about this topic in the future.

Going back to the topic, when Kemal went to play with his friend Ali, I continued to speak with Kemal’s mother who I had met previously and with Ali’s mother. And this is what I said to her; “You are now trying to feed your son, but in 30-40 years’ time, I hope he will be taking you out to lunch like I have with my mother”.

Both friends smiled and said “Insallah” (God Willing).


Last week the 3 women who made Serhan who he is today visited the new office we moved to. From left to right, my aunt, myself, my grandmother and my mother. Once I parted ways with the family business in 2011, we made alot of effort to bring our vision to life by bringing together our 4 ventures into the hub of our company (EkoRe, Moka, EkoCCS & Bonbon). This photo was taken in our company library which almost resembles a photo of a visit made to our university campus.


What kind of story will you be?

I wanted to share an experience I lived through yesterday because I believe, in this life; the most important thing is health and a happy life. Having your family always by your side and always being by the side of your family is one of the contributing factors to this.

Actually, life is passing us by very quickly, we all have limited time. Everyone has a good and bad story. How this story is written is determined from a very young age. Previously, when I was going through an emotional time, I had written the article titled “On Living” http://serhansuzer.com/en/on-living which I have wanted to write as a series to portray my experiences with my friends. Therefore, you can perceive this piece as a continuation of the article “On Living”.

There are so many things that I can write about this topic. Last week by chance I came across a song by one of the most successful artists, Nil Karaibrahimgil and her song “With love to my youth” which I’d like to share with you.

Our paths have never crossed with Nil but they did go parallel in our youth. Nil and I studied at the same high school. She was one year older than me. Her close friends were also some of my friends but for some reason our paths never crossed.  Yet, I’d still like to congratulate this friend who had graduated from the same school as I for her style.

Turkey needs luminary faces like this all the time. Let’s now talk about her song titled “With love to my youth”. You can listen to this song from this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yYCL5S2QI0&feature=youtu.be

Besides being a nice rhythm to ones ear, it actually has very valuable lyrics. I recommend everyone to go over the lyrics when listening to this song:



I’d like to share a photo which perfectly describes Nil Karaibrahimgil, especially for my foreign readers



With Love to my Youth

If I had a time machine in my own youth, for example at 17 years old, I would have turned around and said this to myself:

The most important thing is love. Enjoy it till your heart’s content. That’s one.
Find what you love to do and then you can do what you love. If you cannot, do not consume too much energy for it, let others do it. If you can do it, you are one of the luckiest people in the world, bite your tongue, do not tell anyone. 
Find people you love. Look at ways you can do things with them. Life is lived through ‘do, make, work and succeed’. And if you go through this marathon with the ones you love, it will feel as if you haven’t ever worked, but instead made love.

Keep some people's hand tight. Take care of their troubles, fly with their happiness, listen to what they say. Do not lose them. When things change, you will need these people who know you in your most true character.

Don’t compare yourself to him and her. Don’t make choices based on other people’s criteria. Otherwise, you’ll go places that others want to go. What are you doing there? Your path and slopes are different.

Do not listen to what everyone is saying. Your neighbour will talk about your life for 15 minutes. But only you will live it until death.

Move. Make it a habit to move every day. Dedicate yourself to a sport, to dance, play chess. These things will one down pour down on you like a gilding one day. 

Read every day, read everything. Learn what it is to be a tree, how it is to be Van Gogh, how is it to be part of the Second World War, Learn! One day, like a puzzle, all of them will unite and show you incredible facts. 

Girls are impressed by intelligence, by those who work and succeed and with witty humour. Men enjoy beauty, affection and peace.

Life goes on with habits. If you want to do something good, make it a habit. Habit is about repeating. That's how the brain is programmed. If you do something constantly, it does not think of anything else, it always does it. So that’s why, pay attention to your habits. Whatever you do with habit, your life will forever consist of it.

Getting up early sounds terrible to the ear, but I believe ‘the early bird catches the worm’ is the most correct statement I’ve ever heard. Sometimes you finish three things by 8:30 and you cannot believe times relativity. 

Do not gossip. Do you know what gossip is like ... It’s like emptying your rubbish bin into your house; it makes your mouth, insides and even house smell. You think that it relaxes you, but really it makes more of a mess. Laugh about it and move on. Do not forget that something always happens to gossipers that they do not support, they do not like and the things they gossip about generally happens to them, do not forget. Life is like a sense of humour. 

Girls, when you become a beautiful woman, be your own horse. Make your own money and spend it on yourself. So if you have a breakup or a divorce, nobody can take your horse from you. You can go galloping elsewhere. 

Men, when you become a handsome man, never raise your hands to women, children or even with each other. That power is not power. It's brute force. It is caused by fear. Fear of losing. You cannot hold anyone in your hands by squeezing. On the contrary, you must keep the palms open. Do not blame anyone else. To blame someone, is like, a poisonous feeling. It puts the brakes on human; it puts people into a victim's psychology. Let it go. In fact, write “I do not feel guilty' on the wall”. 

Write “I don’t feel guilty. I don’t feel guilty. I don’t feel guilty” You will see much benefit.

Give yourself 1 hour away from mobile phones, computers, and televisions. Socialise with yourself otherwise you will forget who you are. Your life has a truth that is not reflected to you by others. Listen to it like listening to sea shells. Do not give your loneliness to anybody. Share everything but your loneliness. Because 'life is good when shared’. 

Be thankful every day.  Never miss out on your prayers of being thankful. There's nothing as good as being thankful. It's even better than asking and wishing for something. It is what warms the soul. ‘What I have is enough for me, infact will last me more than I need' is the most beautiful philosophy of the world. Do not ask anyone for anything. Instead give them something and see what happens next.

There will be dark days. You will fall. There will also be injuries. At these times, do not forget this; the tunnel will sink. You will not. You will scar. Make sure you tell the people you love over and over again that “I love you, I love you very much”. And even say “No matter whom you are and what you do, I will always love you”.

Do not be afraid to fear. Even be sure to be frightened. Then cover your eyes to the darkness. Maybe a stone will overturn, who knows? 

Do not brag. Do not be arrogant or rage.  Exaggerate, multiply and shine. Do not brag. Do not be arrogant or rage. Exaggerate, multiply and shine.

Imagine that everyday day your life is being told by a writer and listen to it. Would you want to be such a hero? 

If you want it, you’ll succeed it. How lucky for you.

Living well with “Pura Vida”

I would officially put my signature under each and every word in this song. Thanks to you Nil, you have given us many good lessons.

I have many more tips and recommendations to add to my “On Living” piece. I am saving those for the next articles in the series. In my next articles, I will write about the “Pura Vida” philosophy which aims to live a good life and a piece about Costa Rica.


For now, take care…





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