The analysis of my 43rd birthday: The light that destroyed the darkness

As we approach the end of a year full of disasters, pain and troubles, both globally, for our country, and personally, it is hopeful to see positive and constructive developments on my 43rd birthday. Darkness on one side, light approaching on the other. Here is a brief evaluation of the year we are about to leave behind and my perspective on the future…

I had one of the most interesting birthdays of my life. It coincided with a time when new bans were put into effect due to the second wave.

2020 has been a year where we saw the bottom of the barrel for many of us. This includes me.

When I look at it from my own perspective, the natural disasters we experienced in 2020, the disasters caused by man, the personal disasters related to my life and the biggest disasters of all being the one of humanity struggling with the epidemic.

In other words, this year has been a catastrophic year in every respect.

Not to worry. I am doing my best and looking to the future with hope.

On the one hand, the Elazig earthquake, the Van earthquake, the refugee crisis in Edirne, the flood in Giresun, the earthquake in Izmir...


Our volunteers working at the Izmir Earthquake getting ready to go out on the field.


In this shot, taken from the meeting we held right after the Izmir Earthquake to integrate the Disaster Platform with the public, AFAD's chairman Mehmet Gulluoglu and his deputy Hamza Tasdelen, the head of Ahbap, Haluk Levent, Tarik from Ahbap and the term spokesperson for the Disaster Platform is me wearing the TIDER t-shirt.


On one hand was the Disaster Platform, which we established with 23 NGOs and where I was chosen as the spokesperson for the first term.

On the other there was the disaster of disasters, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the unbelievable problems experienced all over the world...

There is also the fact that TIDER, of which I am the founder, helped more than 200,000 families in total and all the sister NGOs in the Disaster Platform contributed greatly to this process. The main thing is that the announcements about the availability of the vaccine have been made and now we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On the one hand, the economic crisis in our country and in the world…

On the other hand, the right steps taken in our country and the political change in the USA.

On the one hand, the injustices I have personally experienced and the fraudulent situations I have encountered, which are very difficult to digest…

On the other side are my legal rights that I started to exercise against each of these.

This list goes on and on. But I’m standing here for now.

What I want to say is that our struggle against darkness continues in every field and the good news is; progress has been made on every front. We can now look to the future with hope.

The new "sun" in my life

On my birthday, I rewarded myself by doing something that has been on my mind for a long time. I adopted the son of our wind farm's watchdog. I always loved my mother's, father's and friends' dogs, I took care of them. This time I had my own dog for the first time in my life.


is a wonderful feeling to have this sweet dog, whose breed is unknown, instead of buying a dog of a real breed.


To give you more details, we do not know the father of this wonderful dog, whose mother I named Sunny, which is a Rottweiler. However, when you look at his mother and sister below, you can see that mine is not related to either of them in terms of physical characteristics. Although it doesn’t bother me which breed it comes from anyway. The important thing is its humanity.

Sunny and I greeting all our friends with love and health.


Finally, I would like to share with you more news that makes me happy. I would like to proudly inform you that the message I conveyed to Costa Ricans during the Covid-19 period, when we were going through difficult times, was published by the Costa Rican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here is that video:



I feel that I have entered a new age where I can strengthen my hopes and fulfill my dreams…

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